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What skills are needed to enable growth and further development? How do your company, your team and you yourself make it into the future?

To enable sustainable growth and continuous development, certain skills are essential. We support you in developing and strengthening these skills to shape a successful future.

The pillars for sustainable growth are: Leadership - Change - Diversity - Resilience - Innovation - New Work - Communication. We are your specialists in precisely these areas, accompanying you on the path to growth and success.

Our decades of practical experience enable us to understand your individual requirements and develop customized solutions. Together, we set clear goals and develop sustainable measures that have a tangible practical impact.

Our services are always tailored to you, your team and your business to ensure you receive the best possible support.


Being - or becoming - a leader is a career-long process. Individual leadership style, self- and time management, and the ability to delegate with a balance of trust and control are the basis of new leadership cultures.


Today, leadership goes far beyond traditional management. Leadership is the key to successfully dealing with the complex challenges facing companies. 

Our hands-on executive education programs include:

  • Individual leadership style: developing an authentic leadership approach that reflects each leader's strengths and values.
  • Strategic thinking: Leaders learn to develop long-term visions and make strategic decisions that move the company forward.
  • Communication and team leadership: building trusting relationships and inspiring communication that contributes to team performance and innovation.
  • Agile leadership: Promoting flexibility and adaptability to respond to changing market conditions and customer requirements.
  • Change Management: Effectively managing change and uncertainty while maintaining employee motivation and engagement.
  • Establish leadership culture: Creating a sustainable leadership culture that contributes to the continuous development of the organization.

Our experienced experts help leaders develop their leadership skills to the highest level. We provide practical tools and techniques to address your individual challenges and create a successful future.


Change is part of (professional) life.

And yet: most change projects fail - at least in part. 


The Austrian Leadership Academy offers comprehensive change project support from start to finish. Our professional team supports companies in successfully planning, implementing and sustainably integrating change initiatives. From analysis and strategic planning, to communication and employee training, to continuous monitoring and adaptation - we are with you every step of the way to ensure that your change projects have their full impact and achieve sustainable results.


Our customized advanced training measures in the area of change management include:

  • Digital transformation for your company: Effective strategies for successfully implementing digital transformation in your company and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.
  • Change as progress: strengthening your team's ability to see change as an opportunity and progress, and to actively participate in it.
  • Sustainable change implementation: Creating a sustainable culture of change that is embedded in the organization and achieves positive long-term results.
  • Change communication: Development of communication strategies to communicate changes in a transparent and understandable way and to strengthen the trust of employees.
  • Change as a competitive advantage: using change as a strategic advantage to adapt agilely to market changes and to compete in a dynamic environment.

We support you in successfully navigating change, overcoming challenges and achieving positive results. Together, we create a culture that uses change as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Female Leadership

Our Female+ Leadership Accelerator measures (c) are an impactful training program that specifically targets the career and personal development of women.

They provide tactical tools and strategies to advance your career and improve your leadership skills. At the same time, we place a strong emphasis on personal development to help you realize your full potential as a female leader.

Shape your professional future in an inspiring environment that supports and promotes women in their careers. Start today and discover the strong leader in you!

Contact us and we will discuss which measures (coaching, training, mentoring,...) would be best suited for you in a non-binding and free conversation.


Would you prefer to continue your education in a group? Then come to our 


The program designed by Nina Alice Bauregger is based on her decades of experience as an executive in national and international corporations and SMEs. Our Female Leadership Accelerator is aimed equally at corporate executives, female employees of SMEs, and especially at EPUs and female founders.

Discover with us new ways to develop your career and personality in an exclusive environment that empowers and supports women. Start today and develop your full potential as a strong female leader!




The Female Leadership Accelerator program aims to strengthen you on your career path, define your positioning and expand your sphere of influence. The focus is on individual personal development as well as learning leadership skills and the ability to understand, manage and inspire others to embrace change.

In 5 modules you will learn tactical tools and strategies to advance your personal development as well as to improve your leadership skills and to lead others effectively. You will also develop a personal development plan that covers your own goals, strengths and potential.

During the modules, there will be live impulses from senior and executive managers, providing additional inspiration and inviting exchange.


Course times

Friday 06.10.2023 - 10:00 - 18:00 h - presence in Feldkirch
Saturday 07.10.2023 - 09:00 - 18:00 h - presence in Feldkirch
Sunday 08.10.2023 - 09:00 - 15:00 h - presence in Feldkirch
Tuesday 17.10.2023 - 18:00 - 20:00 h - online
Tuesday 24.10.2023 - 18:00 - 21:00 h - online
Tuesday 07.11.2023 - 18:00 - 20:00 h - online
Thursday 16.11.2023 - 18:00 - 21:00 h - online
Friday 17.11.2023 - 10:00 - 17:00 h- online

Funding opportunity

25 % discount with AK education voucher (for all AK members)
80 % promotion through the skills check (for companies)


Module 1: Career & Mindset 

Defining - and achieving - clear goals through values-based career planning 

  • My career vision: How do I develop it and how do I achieve it? > Mindset building: How can I change my own mindset - and use it? 
  • Unconscious BIas: 90% of all decisions happen unconsciously - learn to understand what unconscious patterns exist, how they guide you - and how you can break them!


Module 2: Positioning & Personal Branding

  • Level and - clear positioning generates added value and market value! 
  • Personal Branding: What do I want to be known for and how do I stay remembered?
  • How can you leverage your network and rope lines to generate impact and growth, innovate and achieve your goals?

Module 3: Resilience & Boundaries 

  • Resilience training: Developing resilience for challenges - and everyday life
  • Setting boundaries: Positioning creates, headwinds - boundaries stop it Solution-oriented communication: Overcoming crises, resolving conflicts constructively, addressing challenges. 
  • Leading into and through crisis(es)

Module 4: Communication & Impact

  • How can I position myself with which topics in the company and online?
  • Make powerful decisions - and communicate
  • Appreciative communication 
  • Constructive feedback and error culture 
  • Finalization of the personal career strategy

Module 5: Leadership & Change

  • Taking the Lead with Impact - as a Leader, Employee and Colleague 
  • How does "change" work? And how do I motivate others to support change? 
  • There are many leadership styles - but which one suits you?

TRAINING KEY POINTS > Values, Visions & Goals > Level up - Clear positioning generates added value - and market value! > Resilience & Boundaries > Communication & Impact > Leadership & Change


At a time when diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging are becoming increasingly important, it is about much more than mere buzzwords. Diversity is the key to success in the modern business world. We focus on practical workshops and trainings that show you concrete approaches. We support you in not only proclaiming diversity, but in actively living it. Discover ways to overcome unconscious bias and establish an inclusive corporate culture that significantly promotes innovation and effectiveness.


Unconscious Bias - Understanding the Power of Unconscious Bias Explore the impact of unconscious biases on decision-making processes and learn strategies to identify and overcome these biases and make better, more diverse decisions.

Strong Teams through Diversity - Diversity as a Success Factor Discover how diversity can increase the performance of teams. Learn how to use diversity within your teams as a strategic advantage and promote the strengths of different perspectives.

Innovation and Diversity - New Ideas through Diverse Approaches Learn how integrating diversity into the innovation process can yield creative solutions and innovative ideas. Develop a strategic approach to using diversity as a catalyst for innovation.

Diversity Toolbox - Practical Steps for Diverse Thinking and Action Get practical tools and strategies to promote diversity in your workplace culture. From communication to action guidelines, discover step-by-step guides for inclusive thinking and action.

Diversity mentoring - promoting development potential in a targeted manner Establish a mentoring program that expands employees' individual development potential through diverse perspectives and experiences. Promote an inclusive corporate culture and strengthen your talents in a targeted manner.


Innovation in focus: We accompany you on the way to successful implementation!

Innovation is undoubtedly one of the buzzwords of recent times. But what is really behind the term "innovation" and how do we succeed in implementing it effectively?

With us, you will receive targeted support in the following areas:

Innovation trainings for teams
Bring a breath of fresh air to your teams! Our customized innovation trainings promote creative thinking, teamwork and the development of solution approaches that move your organization forward.

Innovation Training for Leaders
Innovation starts with leadership. Our specialized trainings help leaders create a culture conducive to innovation and steer their teams in the right direction.

Agile Leadership Workshop: Leading in a Rapidly Changing Landscape

In this workshop, leaders learn how to integrate agile principles into their leadership practice. Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants will be empowered to respond flexibly to change, manage teams effectively, and create a culture conducive to innovation.

Serious Play: Unlocking Creativity and Problem-Solving

Serious Play is a creative method for addressing complex challenges. In this interactive workshop, participants use playful approaches to generate creative ideas, develop innovative solutions, and achieve strategic goals. The method promotes open thinking and closer teamwork.

Design Thinking Lab: Customer-Centric Innovation

In the Design Thinking Lab, participants learn how to put themselves in their customers' perspective in order to develop innovative products and solutions. Through the design thinking approach, ideas are guided through different phases of iterative development to ensure that customer needs are at the center.

Innovations Bootcamp: From Idea to Implementation

In this intensive bootcamp, participants learn how to turn ideas into reality. From idea generation to prototyping to implementation, all steps of the innovation process are covered. Participants learn how to overcome obstacles and successfully implement their innovative concepts.

Digital Innovation Lab: Navigating the Digital Landscape

This workshop focuses on digital innovation and transformation. Participants explore digital trends, technologies and opportunities to develop innovative approaches to business models, products and processes. The focus is on how companies can use digital technologies to evolve and gain competitive advantage.

Discover the path to sustainable innovation with us and actively shape the future of your company. Let our experts guide you and provide you with practical approaches to turn innovation into reality. Contact us today to learn more about our customized trainings and workshops and lead your organization on the path to success.

New Work

The pandemic has made virtual and hybrid working the norm - but not everyone has arrived in the new reality by a long shot! Many questions arise: What is the best way to work together? The answer is: there is no "one for all" solution. But there is a solution for every company.

Remote Leadership - Effective Leadership of Virtual Teams Learn how to successfully lead remote and hybrid teams. Practical tips and strategies help motivate and support team members in different locations and achieve common goals.

Agile Work Strategies - Mastering the Changing Work Dynamics Develop strategies to manage the demands of employees in the hybrid world of work. Learn to promote flexibility, work-life balance and effectiveness in the new work reality.

Designing Hybrid Work Models - Finding the Right Balance Discover different approaches to hybrid working and design customized work models that support collaboration, communication and productivity in your organization.

Leverage Digital Collaboration Tools - Optimize Virtual Team Performance Learn how to effectively use digital collaboration tools to improve communication and teamwork in virtual teams and increase efficiency.

Develop Hybrid Work Culture - Encourage New Approaches to Work Develop a work culture that supports diversity and flexibility. Learn to create a positive work environment where remote and on-site employees collaborate successfully.


One crisis follows another - and this has an impact on the work environment, the team structure and performance. We learn to understand how resilience can help us individually, but also as a team and organization can help us get through the crisis(es). 


Communication is the basis of all human relationships - and it determines the success of business and customer relationships. Communication is the game changer in every team - and yet not so easy.

Among other things, we support you with these topics: 

  • Values, vision, mission - strong basis for sustainable success
  • Storytelling: with the right story to success
  • Creation of marketing strategies and plans
  • Increase awareness in simple steps: marketing strategy 
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